Galleria Gardella- Pen/Ink and Watercolor Paintings
... bringing you handmade treasures
Fabric dolphin scuplture
Fabric frog scuplture
Bead Jewelry
moose owl painting
fabric owl sculpture
Fabric swan scuplture
Captain Frog Sculpture
Dog Sculpture
Fish Sculpture
Flying Horse Sculpture
Dragon Sculpture

Galleria Gardella

The new home of Galleria Gardella is located at 7 Washington St in Greenville Maine. We are in the large brown building behind the Mud Puddle Mercantile.

The gallery features my mixed media paintings, hand made jewelry, silk screened shirts, dragon eggs and many whimsical sculptures. The gallery is currently housing unique and custom made lamps.

Hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 10:30 to 5 and Sunday from 10:30 to 3. Please follow my page for updates. I can be called or texted at 207-513-8143.

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Fabric ddragon scuplture
Fabric ddragon scuplture
Fabric ddragon scuplture
bead necklaces
moose painting
Fabric phoenix sculpture
Fabric Luna Moth Sculpture
Swan Sculpture
Horse Sculpture
Sea Horse Sculpture
Bear Sculpture