Galleria Gardella- Pen/Ink and Watercolor Paintings
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Handbags, fabric and clay sculpture, pendants


Robin is creating sculptures that resemble three dimensional paintings. She designs a pattern freehand and uses canvas to create the body. Layers of paint are applied and various embellishments are used for accents. Since their creation, Robin has won many state and regional awards. They have also been exhibited in several museums in New York, Cape Cod, and Maine. The turtle sculptures are created with fabric and clay. One customer commented while walking into Robin's booth that she felt she was walking into "Wonderland."

Story Art- Handcrafted dragon's teeth, unicorn horns, fairy wings and mermaid scales. Mounted on an illustrated story. They are made into neckalces or keyrings. Necklaces - $14, Keyrings- $12

Leaping Frogs - Around 8 inches and are created wearing various outfits $46

mermaid scuplture
mermaid scuplture 2

Mermaids - These fabulous mermaids can be custom designed to your liking which can include skin tone, hair, eye and tail color. Each one is unique. Small - around 7 inches start at $48, Large - around 12 inches, start at $75

Fun-loving Sharks - Small - around 7 inches - $34 Large - around 10 inches - $46

Flamingos - $24

Dolphins - Can be plain or decorated.

Small - around 5 inches - $28

Large - around 8 inches - $46

Baby Sea Turtles and Dragons are made of clay and are in a clear box with nesting material. They are emerging from their eggs. $8

Swans, Bees, Dancing Turtles, Snails, Flying Hearts and Butterflies, Stars - These sculptures are attached to a beaded spiral cord that adds an additional sparkle.

  • Swans - $28
  • Bumble Bees - $20
  • Dancing Turtles - $22
  • Snails - $22
  • Flying Hearts - $28
  • Butterflies - $24
  • Message Stars - $24

Message Stars- Stars are 6” high and 4” wide. They can be personalized with a phrase of your choice. $12.95

Baby Dragon with crystal- available in same colors as the large 4-1/2” by 4”. $36.00

Dragons- Beautiful 12” by 12” dragon is available in reds, teals, greens, or purples. $95.00

Message stars

Pufferfish sculpture

Puffer fish and Snails- The puffer fish add a touch of whimsy to any house. They have an attached wire on their back so they can hang against the wall. Any color of your choosing is available. $38.00
Cute snails can be hung about your home. $22.00

Mother and Baby Sculpted Owl

Mother owl- about 7" long, $47
Baby owl- $28

Baby Sea Turtles and Tortoises

Baby Sea Turtles- about 5" long, $26

Rock'n Lobster

Rock'n Lobster- These scupltured lobsters are decked out in various outfits including; child with kite, rock star, artist, belly dancer, sailor, Godfather, fairy, lady's evening wear, pirate, Hula dancer, sea goddess, etc. They can be hung flat against the wall or from the ceiling. Small: 11" by 8", $42.00 and large: 14" by 10", $70.00.

Attack of the Weiner Dogs- These fun 10" by 5" sculptures come in various outfits including; fairy, sailor, Godfather, evening wear, pirate, racing with flames, etc. Price: $49.00.

Weiner dog collection

Para-torts- These daring tortoises are using flowers as parachutes. Tortoises are sculpted with clay and fabric. Pippeu my own pet tortoise is the model for these creations. Size: 12" by 8". $85.00 each. Name your color for the parachute.

The hot air balloons are $38.00 for small and $49.00 for the large size. They can be personalized with your name or business.

Para-torts hot air balloons

Sea Creatures

  • Large Seahorse- Size: 14"x6" -Price: $44.00
  • Small Seahorse- Size: 9"x3" -Price: $22.00
  • Angelfish- Size: 8"x6" -Price: $28.00
  • Dolphin -Price: $46.00

Dragonflies- Soft sculptured dragonflies which can hang from the ceiling or windowsill. About 10" by 8" and are holding a crystal. Please suggest a color preference.
DFS- $22.00

Rabbit fabric scuplptures- These rabbits hang by a clear cord and are available in gold, pink, purple, white, brown, or black and can be designed with your choice of flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, sun, or moon.
They are 10 1/2" across and $26.00 each.

Rabbit soft sculpture

Fish- Soft sculptured fish which can be hung about your home. About 6"x6". Please suggest a color preference.
SSF- $32.00- small
          $64.00- large  

Turtle fabric sculpture)

Turtle Sculptures (Please call for availability)- Choice of sea turtle or tortoise. Each sculpture is unique and hangs against the wall, giving a 3-D affect.
Medium- $56.00
Large- $100.00

Mermaid Riding the Sea Turtle - $52.00

Piranha and Pufferfish
Baby pufferfish with glow in the dark spikes- $24.00
Piranha - $24

Jellyfish- Glow in the dark jellyfish- $24.00

Great White Shark- $34.00

Humpback Whale- $34.00

4" long. Fun starfish available with bikinis or t-shirt/shorts

Sassy Starfish- $14.00

Let these handpainted 7" denim bracelets grace you wrist with a touch of flair. These are adjustable to fit most wrists. Smaller bracelets can be requested. $14


These sparkling purses are beautifully hand sewn and painted by Robin. All purses are signed on the back. These measure 7 1/2" by 7" and are made from heavy dark blue denim. They have a large snap enclosure and include a black suede shoulder strap. Price is $18.00.

    dragon purse
  • Dragon
  • $18
    hand painted frog purse
  • Frog
  • $18
    unicorn purse
  • Unicorn
  • $18
    happy moose hand painted purse
  • Happy Moose
  • $18
    owl purse
  • Owl
  • $18
    sassy starfish purse
  • Sassy Starfish
  • $18
    sea turtle purse
  • Sea Turtles
  • $18
      Lunar Moth Purse
    • Lunar Moth Purse
    • LunarFP $18.00 ea.
    Sun Purse
  • Koi Fish Purse
  • KFP $18.00
    Sun Purse
  • Attitude Fish
  • Choice of yellow, pink, purple, or blue
  • AFP $18.00
    Sun Purse
  • Mermaid Purse
  • MP $18.00
    Sun Purse
  • Sun Purse
  • SP $18.00
    Dragonfly Purse
  • Life is a Beach
  • LBP $18.00
    Sunflower Purse
  • 3-D Flip Flop
  • Choice of nautical or floral design
  • FFP $18.00 ea.
    Two butterflies
  • Butterflies
  • Choice of blue, gold, red, purple, or pink
  • BFP $18.00 ea.
      Dragonfly Purse
    • Dragonfly Purse
    • DP $18.00
    Lupine Purse
  • Lupine Purse
  • LP $18.00 ea.
    Seahorse purse
  • Seahorses
  • Available in choice of purple, turquois, gold, red, or pink
  • SH $18.00 ea.
    Pegasus purse
  • Pegasus Purse
  • Available in choice of purple, turquois, gold, red, or pink
  • PG $18.00 ea.
    Ladybug Purse
  • Ladybug Purse
  • LadyP $18.00
    Water Lily Purse
  • Water Lily Purse
  • LilyFP $18.00 ea.
    Blue Porpoise
  • Blue Porpoise
  • BP $18.00


    Purple Porpoise
  • Purple Porpoise
  • PP $18.00


    Sunflower Purse
  • Sunflower Purse
  • SunFP $18.00 ea.